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"A modern classic"
Scream Magazine

"I highly recommend it"
SG Mutants

"5 out of 5 Welsh flags"
All Horror Net

Devil's Bridge is a new independent horror / thriller feature film directed by Chris Crow (Panic Button) and starring Joseph Millson, Joshua Richards, & David Schofield.

After Sean's business starts to fail, he and two of his friends travel to the rural wilds of Wales in search of a man who claims he can illegally revive his company. However, while there they accidentally cross a broken and desperate farmer, William Parry, and things start to spin out of control. What follows is a spree of pointless bloody violence and bitter revenge as Parry hunts the three friends across the stark and unforgiving terrain.

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Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Far From Home

"The reason why the bridge into Wales only charges on the way in..." - Gaz Bailey, Abertoir Horror Festival.

"The embodiment of full-bloodied, hands-on brutality..." - Nia Edwards-Behi, Brutal As Hell

Sean, Danny and Adam enjoy a moment of quiet Bill waves his gun around Adam finds himself in a tight situation
Danny fights back Bill and his bolt cutters Sean fights to survive

Devil's Bridge Trailer

WARNING: This trailer features extreme language and scenes of violence. Viewer discretion is advised (very NSFW).

DVD Disk Details

Starring: Joseph Millson, Joshua Richards, Michael Jibson, Gary Mavers, David Schofield

Director: Chris Crow

Language: English

Subtitles: English

Running Time: 86 minutes

Extras: Making Of and Trailer

Region: Region 2

Number of discs: 1

Classification: 18

Studio: Entertainment One

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